PC-PAT (a.k.a. Patrick Lecerf) is based in Southwestern Germany very close to the Swiss and French border. He started into music during the early 1980s as a guitar player in small local bands.During the mid and late 1980s he became more and more interested by electronic music and was fascinated by the variety of possibilities offered by synths, samplers and multitrackers.In the beginning of the 1990s with the emerging scene of electronic dance music coming from the USA and the UK he started DJ-ing and got his first bookings in 1993. Since then until the late 1990s he played at various clubs and events in countries such as France, Germany, England, Switzerland & Italy. Mainly focusing on techno and house and always sticking very close to the underground.His preferences are Deep, Funky, Jackin' and Chicago House as these styles are very open for elements from Hip Hop, Jazz, Funk & Soul.
He occasionally plays on events where he is free to play what he wants to.As resident DJ for "myhouseyourhouse.net" he is hosting a regular live show for one of the most established underground internet-radio stations in the web.Patrick is producing and remixing tracks for various labels.